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Australia Vape import ban starts 1st July. Last chance for orders.

As you may be aware the Australian government has banned imports of all nicotine e-liquids effective from 1st July 2020. Australia Border force has been instructed to seize shipments containing nicotine from 1st July whether or not they were ordered prior to the ban coming into force, and whether or not you have a prescription. The maximum penalty for importing nicotine is now $222,000 -yes you read that right two hundred and twenty-two thousand dollars!Australians will not be able to import nicotine e-liquid UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES until further notice. The ban is scheduled to be reviewed in 12 months. You can read more about the ban here strongly recommend you take this opportunity to stock up while you still can, this is the last chance you have to purchase nicotine vape products for the foreseeable future.Premium Vape ships via DHL Express, final cut off for Australian orders is 9am Thursday NZT to ensure your shipment makes it through the border before 1st July.Fight for your right to vape Now is the time for Australian vapers to fight for your right to vape. Please send an email to your local MP and tell them your story: You can also help by signing this petition to allow nicotine vaping in Australia:
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