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Dinner Lady

Brand: Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady is a premium UK e-liquid brand whose name is a bit of a misnomer. Their vape juices aren’t based on dinner flavours. Rather, they’re based on dessert — the best part of dinner! The brilliant mixologists at Dinner Lady have created an entire range of e-liquids that taste just like the classic desserts your parents or grandparents might have made at home when you were a child. These are the flavours of traditional desserts made with fresh, simple ingredients, and they’re captured perfectly in a bottle for your vaping pleasure. From the first puff, you’ll recognize the skill and care that have made Dinner Lady such a success.

You’re not sure which Dinner Lady e-liquid to try first? Don’t worry; we’re here with a suggestion for you. We absolutely love Dinner Lady’s amazing Cola Shades vape juice. It’s a perfectly delicious cola that tastes like it was just drawn from a soda fountain before being served with a slice of fresh lemon. The lemon note gives this e-liquid a nice slightly tart edge while also creating the impression of a bit of a tingle on the tongue. It’s a deliciously refreshing summer holiday experience that you’ll want to enjoy every day.