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Brand: JUUL

Buy JUUL® Pods and JUUL® Kits in Australia

Premium Vape is the number one source for JUUL® in Australia. On this page, you’ll find the largest selection of JUUL® pods and JUUL® kits anywhere – and we source our JUUL® gear from authorized distributors, so it’s all guaranteed authentic. Best of all, we ship our vape gear direct to you from our New Zealand warehouse via DHL Express – so you can always look forward to lightning-quick shipping times.

How Can We Ship JUUL® Pods to Australia?

Currently, Australian laws make things difficult for those who vape because Australia doesn’t allow over-the-counter sales of liquid nicotine. Since liquid nicotine is considered a controlled substance in Australia, the only option for buying it domestically is to obtain a doctor’s prescription and purchase e-liquid from a compounding pharmacy. Thankfully, Australia also allows you to import nicotine e-liquid for personal use, and that’s where we come in. We make it possible for you to buy JUUL® in Australia because we ship the pods and kits from New Zealand.

Why Is JUUL® So Popular?

JUUL® isn’t legally available from domestic stores in Australia because all JUUL® pods contain nicotine and therefore qualify as controlled substances. Even in Australia, though, JUUL® is still the best-known e-cigarette brand. That’s some serious popularity. So, why is JUUL® so popular? Some of it comes down to marketing; JUUL® invested heavily to create brand awareness during the product’s launch in 2015. JUUL®’s ubiquity in the vaping world isn’t just a matter of savvy marketing, though; it’s also because the JUUL® brand introduced two very important technologies to vaping.

What Makes JUUL® the Best E-Cigarette for Beginners?

JUUL® is the best e-cigarette for beginners for three reasons. The first of those is the brand’s success. You won’t find another e-cigarette in the world that has undergone so much refinement with each successive product generation. Utilizing the feedback from millions upon millions of users has allowed JUUL® Vapor to create a product that’s incredibly user friendly and reliable.

First Popular Pod-Based Vaping Device

The next two reasons why JUUL® is such a great beginner’s e-cigarette are technical in nature. JUUL® was the brand that popularized pod-based vaping devices. While JUUL® might not have strictly been the first pod vaping system, it was certainly the first to enjoy mainstream popularity. Effectively, every other pod-based vaping device on the market is a JUUL® clone. Which would you rather have – the clone or the original?

Pod-based vaping devices have become incredibly popular because they’re absolutely perfect for people who want to keep vaping simple. Each JUUL® pod arrives filled and ready to use, and each pod contains about enough e-liquid for a full day of vaping. Just push a pod into the device to vape, and when the pod is empty, you’ll throw it away and start using another pod. Another benefit of using a pod-based vaping system is that it’s easy to switch to a different flavour whenever you like just by swapping pods.

First E-Cigarette to Popularize Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

The final reason why JUUL® is so great for beginners – and the biggest reason why it has enjoyed such popularity around the world – is because it was the first e-cigarette to truly deliver as much nicotine as a tobacco cigarette on a puff-for-puff basis. JUUL® achieved that with a new type of patented e-liquid called nicotine salt e-liquid. The salt-based nicotine formulation made it possible for JUUL® Vapor to develop an e-liquid that delivered as much nicotine as a tobacco cigarette without causing throat irritation.

Biggest Selection of JUUL® Pod and Kits in Australia

So, why should you buy JUUL® in Australia from Premium Vape? It isn’t just because our shipping is fast and our prices are affordable, although those are certainly two major benefits. It’s also because we source our JUUL® gear from distributors around the world and are therefore able to offer JUUL® pods and kits manufactured for the American, Canadian and British markets all in one place. You won’t find a bigger selection of JUUL® pod flavours anywhere. Our connections also allow us to offer other rare and hard-to-find items like JUUL® devices in limited-edition colours.

What Are the Best JUUL® Pod Flavours?

Taste is subjective, and that’s why a good e-cigarette maker will work hard to develop a wide variety of flavours that will appeal to as many people as possible. You won’t know what your favourite JUUL® flavours are until you’ve tried them all, so we’d like to help you get started with this short guide to the most popular JUUL® flavours.


Mango is easily the most discussed of all JUUL® flavours. It began as a limited-edition flavour, but it was so popular that it eventually became a permanent part of the JUUL® flavour range. This is probably the sweetest of all JUUL® flavours, so it’s no surprise that it’s become as popular as it is. Sweet without being cloying, JUUL®’s mango pods deftly straddle the line between the sweet flavour of mango candy and the more complex, slightly tart flavour of the actual fruit.


While Mango is the JUUL® pod flavour that gets the most publicity, Mint is the flavour that’s been the company’s bread and butter ever since their initial launch. While there’s no way for a tobacco e-liquid to taste like an actual cigarette – since e-liquid doesn’t contain tobacco and doesn’t burn – JUUL®’s mint e-liquid definitely tastes like mint. It’s the perfect e-liquid for menthol cigarette smokers because it delivers the coolness that menthol lovers crave without any of the harshness of cigarette smoke. JUUL®’s mint pods are seriously smooth!


Like JUUL®’s mango flavour, the company’s cucumber pods began as limited-edition products and eventually became permanent members of the JUUL® pod family. What do JUUL®’s cucumber pods taste like? Well, cucumber is definitely a love-it-or-hate-it flavour, but the popularity of these pods suggests that most people love them. If you’re a fan of products like cucumber-flavoured water, you’ll probably find these pods incredibly refreshing and satisfying.

Virginia Tobacco

While it isn’t possible for an e-liquid to taste like real tobacco, it is possible to use food-grade flavours and aromas to hit the palate in much the same way – and JUUL®’s Virginia Tobacco pods are some of the most successful vaping products on the market in that regard. Modelled after the classic Virginia tobacco cigarette, these pods deliver a tobacco flavour that’s nutty, savoury, slightly sweet and highly aromatic. Although many JUUL® users ultimately gravitate toward the sweeter flavours like mango and mint, JUUL®’s Virginia Tobacco flavour is definitely a must try for any new convert to vaping.