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Brand: Myle

Myle Vapor Australia: Buy Myle Vape Kits and Pods Online

You’ve been looking for a new pod vaping system that brings something unique to the table, and you’ve found it right here. We are thrilled to offer the Myle V3 pod system and pods for shipping to your door in Australia from our New Zealand warehouse. Myle is the perfect vaping system if you’re looking for something that’s a bit off the beaten path, and we’re going to explain why.

What Makes Myle Vapor One of the Top E-Cigarette Brands?

The Myle e-cigarette has received a great deal of praise from the vaping community, and people who try Myle after using one of the better-known e-cigarette brands are often left wondering why Myle doesn’t receive even more attention. Here’s why.

• We love the classy and understated styling of the Myle vaping device. You won’t find any loud colours or gaudy light shows here; it’s just a lovely device with gently curved edges and perfectly positioned LEDs to show the battery status. This is the vaping device to buy if you want to call attention to yourself by not calling attention to yourself.
• The Myle device may be tiny, pocketable and discreet, but it still manages to cram slightly bigger pods and a slightly higher-capacity battery into a device that feels just as small as the other leading pod systems. In terms of raw performance, the Myle is simply one of the best vaping devices you’ll ever find in its size range.
• The Myle vaping system has gone through three generations of refinement, and every single flavour pops on the palate like the creation of a master chef. To use the Myle pod system is to experience what it’s like to use a vaping platform that’s never stopped evolving since the day of its release.

What Comes With the Myle Vapor Starter Kit?

The Myle Vapor starter kit includes one Myle vaping device and one magnetic USB charging base. The starter kit does not include Myle pods, so we recommend adding at least one box of pods to your cart before checking out. Each Myle pod lasts through about one full day of vaping.

Do Myle Vapor Pods Contain Nicotine?

Yes. Each pre-filled Myle pod contains e-liquid with a nicotine concentration of 5%. Myle’s smooth and satisfying nicotine salt formulation delivers the assertive throat hit that you want when you’re making your way through the sometimes-difficult transition from smoking to vaping.

How Can We Ship Myle Pods With Nicotine to Australia?

If you’ve searched your local vape shops in Australia, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that none of those shops carry Myle kits or Myle pods. That’s because all Myle pods contain nicotine, and nicotine is a controlled substance that isn’t legally available for sale over the counter in Australia. Thankfully, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration allows you to import a limited quantity of nicotine from abroad for personal use – and that’s where we come in. Since we’re based in New Zealand, it’s perfectly legal to order Myle pods from us for shipping to Australia – and since we’re close, we can get the pods to your door extremely quickly.

What Are the Best Myle Pod Flavours?

The Myle pod vaping system may not have an enormous selection of flavours, but you’d hardly notice that when looking at the flavour list because there’s an amazing amount of variety. Some pod-based e-cigarette makers focus on developing the best tobacco and menthol flavours for cigarette smokers, and others concentrate on creating the best sweet flavours to please dessert aficionados. Myle pods, meanwhile, have so much variety that they defy classification. For three perfect examples, just look at this list of our favourite Myle pod flavours.


Finally – an authentic bakery flavour in a pre-filled vape pod! People who buy bottled e-liquids have had delicious cake, cookie and doughnut flavours available for years, but most pod systems don’t have flavours in any of those categories. That’s because it’s hard to get the more subtle notes in a bakery flavour to come through clearly in a high-nicotine e-liquid – and all pod systems are high in nicotine. Poundcake is a total success, and it’s one of the most unique flavours that you’ll ever experience with a pod vaping system.

Iced Coffee

Myle’s iced coffee pods aren’t just unique in the world of pod vaping systems. Even in bottled e-liquid, you’d be hard pressed to find a flavour that combines notes of coffee and ice. Myle’s iced coffee flavour starts with a base note of coffee that’s rich, smooth and mildly sweet, and it finishes with a cool hint of menthol. The menthol adds just enough of a chill in the throat to give you the sensation that you’re drinking an authentic iced coffee from your favourite coffee shop.

Sweet Mango

To call mango a popular flavour in the world of vape juice would be an enormous understatement. A fresh mango has peppery notes if you bite it close to the skin, and maybe that’s why the flavour of mango works so well in vape juice. Nicotine, after all, tastes a bit peppery as well – so when you pair a good mango flavour with nicotine, the overall experience is almost as tasty as eating the actual fruit. Just about every pod vaping system on the planet has at least one mango flavour available, and we firmly believe that Myle’s interpretation of this flavour is one of the best.