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Brand: NIC POD

Aren’t you glad that JUUL®-compatible pods exist? The large selection of third-party pods and accessories for the JUUL® vaping system don’t just provide a great way to save a little money and get your vape on while spending less; they also provide an option that lets you try some new flavours and have some new vaping experiences without buying entirely new hardware. Nic Pods is the leading manufacturer of JUUL®-compatible pods, and they offer a flavour selection that’s truly enormous. You may even find that you like Nic Pods better than your usual JUUL® pods!

If you’re not sure which Nic Pods to try first, you might consider picking up a pack of the Mango flavour. If you really want to change things up, though, try the amazing Nic Pods Mango Ice flavour; we think it stacks up very well to the official JUUL® Mango flavour, and the blast of cooling menthol on the exhale provides a welcome sense of refreshment that will keep you coming back.

The mixologists at Nic Pods have become famous for the incredible assortment of fruity flavours they have created, and these pods are an absolute must if you’re a fan of fruit-flavoured vape juices.