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Brand: NIC STIX®

There is no vaping solution in the world more convenient than a disposable vape pen, and Nic Stix has developed the best disposable e-cigarette that we’ve yet found. Nic Stix disposable shisha pens come in 12 wonderful flavours — and each one is more delicious than the last.  Do you like fruity vape juices? How about cherry, strawberry, blueberry and mango — and even more? Each Nic Stix disposable e-cigarette arrives charged, filled and ready to use. Just remove it from the package and enjoy; you’ll get about 350 puffs of pure satisfaction from each vape pen.

Here at Premium Vape, we’ve gone to great lengths to secure a supply of disposable e-cigarettes that we can sell for less than the price of a pack of cigarettes here in New Zealand — so even if you want to use these devices for full-time vaping, you’re certain to save money. Disposable shisha pens, however, are also the perfect solution for part-time and social smokers. Are you the type who always lights up when you visit the bars and clubs? We think that you’re going to love trying this smoke-free alternative instead. If you’re a part-time smoker, you may be able to use a single Nic Stix vape pen for weeks.