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NKD 100

Brand: NKD 100

Across the United States, there are no e-liquid brands more famous or better known than Naked 100. The company’s distinctive bottles can be found on the shelves of virtually every American vape shop, and now you can buy Naked 100 in New Zealand right here at Premium Vape.

Being pod vaping specialists, we have chosen the NKD 100 nicotine salt e-liquid line to carry here in New Zealand. It’s the perfect vape juice for your refillable pod system, and we think that you’re going to love discovering what has made Naked 100 such a famous e-liquid brand in the United States. The company’s commitment to quality, consistency and great flavour has no peer, and the Naked 100 nicotine salt e-liquid base is uniquely smooth and satisfying.

If you’re not sure which Naked 100 e-liquid to try first, we’d like to suggest the unmatched Brain Freeze flavour. Brain Freeze delivers a blend of three different fruits — kiwi, strawberry and pomegranate — and it finishes with a wonderfully refreshing blast of menthol. This is a level of pure satisfaction that few vape juice brands have ever reached, and now you can get NKD 100 e-liquid in New Zealand without waiting for slow shipping from the United States.