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Brand: Smok

SMOK is easily the best known and most popular brand in the vaping industry. SMOK has been around for years, and their notoriety is unmatched. So, when a company like SMOK sets out to make a pod vaping system, you know that the result is going to be a reliable product that gives you a great vaping experience every time.

We are proud to carry the SMOK Infinix pod vaping system right here in New Zealand at Premium Vape. The SMOK Infinix offers a massive 2 ml of e-liquid capacity — more than double the capacity of the most popular pre-filled pod system — and it has the battery life necessary to keep you vaping all day without recharging.

SMOK’s design expertise also extends to the refillable pods of the SMOK Infinix. The pod’s high-quality coil delivers vapour clouds that are thick, smooth and satisfying. SMOK has also spared no expense in developing a pod with a wick that transports e-liquid efficiently and resists burning. SMOK Infinix pods aren’t just more affordable because they’re cheap and easy to refill — they’re also more affordable because they last longer than competing pods. The first time you enjoy a puff from the SMOK Infinix, you’ll be a new member of this device’s list of converts.