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Brand: STLTH

STLTH Vape Australia: Buy STLTH Vape Kits and Pods Online

The most popular pod vaping system in Canada has finally made its way to Australia! We source our STLTH vape kids and STLTH pods from an authorized distributor in Canada, and we ship them direct to your door in Australia from our New Zealand warehouse. In a world with no shortage of spectacular pod-based e-cigarettes, why should you choose STLTH? That’s what you’re about to learn.

What Makes STLTH Vape One of the Top E-Cigarette Brands?

The fact that many pod systems look similar to one another on the surface obscures how different they often are under the hood. These are just a few of the reasons why the STLTH pod vape deserves your strong consideration, whether you’re new to vaping or are looking for something that will provide an upgrade from your first e-cigarette.

• With a capacity of 2.0 ml, STLTH pods are absolutely enormous compared to the competition. Considering that the most popular vaping system has a pod capacity of just 0.7 ml, a single STLTH pod is almost like three regular vape pods in one. STLTH delivers unmatched value for money.
• People typically expect a vaping device to have about enough battery life to get through a full pod on a single charge, and the STLTH pod vape certainly delivers that with its 420 mAh battery capacity.
• The STLTH pod system looks great, and it’s available in a wide variety of distinctive colours to suit your personal style.
• STLTH has a marvellous flavour selection, boasting a much wider array of flavour experiences than you’ll find with other pre-filled pod systems. That’s due to STLTH’s partnerships with world-renowned vape juice manufacturers such as Naked 100, Hope and Fruitbae.

What Comes With the STLTH Vape Starter Kit?

Included with the STLTH Vape starter kit, you’ll find the STLTH device, a USB charging cable and one 2.0 ml Berry Blast vape pod with a nicotine strength of 3.5%. Most people find that one STLTH pod contains enough e-liquid to last through about 2-3 days of vaping. To ensure that you won’t run out of vape juice, we strongly recommend adding at least one additional pack of STLTH pods to your cart before checking out.

Do STLTH Vape Pods Contain Nicotine?

Yes, STLTH pods contain e-liquid with nicotine. The nicotine strength is either 3.5% or 5.0% depending on the flavour.

How Can We Ship STLTH Pods With Nicotine to Australia?

Australian law prohibits the sale of liquid nicotine in standard retail establishments. However, the law also allows you to import certain controlled substances – including nicotine – from abroad for personal therapeutic use. We’re able to sell STLTH pods with nicotine in Australia because our office and warehouse are in New Zealand. Our close proximity means that we can ship STLTH pods to Australia extremely quickly.

What Are the Best STLTH Pod Flavours?

One of the greatest things about the STLTH vaping system is the fact that the STLTH Vape brand has secured an amazing assortment of flavours by partnering with leading vape juice brands around the world. These are just a few of our favourite STLTH pod flavours.

Hawaiian POG (by Naked 100)

Hawaiian POG by Naked 100 isn’t just one of the best STLTH pod flavours; it’s one of the most popular e-liquids in the world. If you’ve never been to Hawaii, you may not have been fortunate enough to experience POG. It’s Hawaii’s most popular beverage, and you can find it in the refrigerator section at every supermarket. The mixologists at Naked 100 have done an admirable job of capturing this fruity concoction’s timeless blend of passion fruit, orange and guava juices.

Strawberry (by STLTH)

Strawberry is probably the most popular fruity note to use in vape juice, but it’s rare to find an e-liquid with a strawberry flavour tasty enough to be used on its own. It’s far more common to see strawberry blended with other flavour notes. Strawberry by STLTH is one of the rare exceptions to that rule. These pods have plenty of bold, fruity sweetness to tease the palate, but that sweetness is coupled with an assertive throat hit that’s more than ready to keep you satisfied all day long.

Crisp Apple (by STLTH)

Like strawberry, apple is an e-liquid flavour note that’s often found in fruity blends but seldom used alone. That’s a shame, because apple has quite a few die-hard fans in the vaping community. It’s difficult to get apple e-liquids just right, but the folks at STLTH have really outdone themselves with this one. Vaping a Crisp Apple STLTH pod, you get the flavours of sweet red apples and tart green apples simultaneously. It’s almost like drinking a cider that’s freshly pressed from a mix of the season’s ripest apples. This is a perfect vape pod for autumn – or any time of the year.