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Brand: Vapetasia

Vapetasia has catapulted out of nowhere to become one of the world’s most famous e-liquid brands, and they’ve done that largely on the strength of a single e-liquid: Killer Kustard. Custard has become one of the most popular flavour profiles in the vaping community because it has everything that you could possibly want in a vape juice. In a great custard e-liquid, you get the richness of the cream, the sweetness of the sugar and the tongue-coating savoury flavour of egg yolk along with the seductive aroma of vanilla; what more could you possibly want?

Killer Kustard has become synonymous with Vapetasia and with custard e-liquids in general because many people feel that it captures the perfect balance between the cream, egg and vanilla notes. Some custard e-liquids have way too much egg flavour, while others are too sweet to be true all-day vapes. Killer Kustard gets it just right, and now it’s available in a nicotine salt version for your pod vaping system. We’re proud to carry Vapetasia e-liquid here in New Zealand, and in case you didn’t already surmise it from reading this page, we highly recommend making the company’s Killer Kustard e-liquid your first purchase. You definitely won’t find another nicotine salt e-liquid like it.