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The Australian vape ban has been lifted!! We can ship orders to Australia as usual.

Australia Vape import ban starts 1st July. Last chance for orders.

As you may be aware the Australian government has banned imports of all nicotine e-liquids effective from 1st July 2020. Australia Border force has been instructed to seize shipments containing nicotine from 1st July whether or not they were ordered prior to the ban coming into force, and whether or not you have a prescription.

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Uwell Caliburn Review and Guide Most Popular Refillable Pod System

Uwell Caliburn Review and Guide: Most Popular Refillable Pod System

Uwell Caliburn Review and Guide: Most Popular Refillable Pod System The Uwell Caliburn is easily the most popular refillable pod system in the world at the moment. That fact became abundantly clear when most of the factories in Shenzhen shut down for weeks at the beginning of 2020. Not long after that, vaping discussion groups

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How does a JUUL® work?

 Whether you’re new to vaping or have years of experience, you know that the JUUL® e-cigarette has deservedly earned the reputation of being one of the most technologically advanced vaping devices in the world. Even if you’re already a JUUL® user, though, you may have never paused to think about how the device actually works

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JUUL® Skins: The Ultimate Guide

 JUUL® devices are available in an enormous variety of colours, including great new limited-edition shades such as Navy Blue and Blush Gold. As fun as it might be to show a new JUUL® colour to your friends, though, you may still crave way to customize your JUUL® device further and create a vaping experience that’s

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Is It Possible to Buy Nicotine-Free JUUL® Pods?

Is It Possible to Buy Nicotine-Free JUUL® Pods? JUUL® is the world’s most popular and best-known vaping device, and there are plenty of good reasons for that. From the slick design to the revolutionary nicotine salt e-liquid blend, JUUL® has proven to be the ideal vehicle to help millions of people around the world quit

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Covid-19 Update

Hey PV family, We just wanted to give you guys an update with regard to how Covid-19 is affecting operations here at Premium Vape. Order Dispatch Currently our warehouse is able to dispatch orders, but we are preparing for a lockdown which may mean we have to close operations temporarily and will be unable to

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