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The world of e-liquid is a melting pot in which companies from all over the planet contribute their ideas for unique and delicious flavour profiles. The United States, the United Kingdom and Malaysia might be the three biggest nations for vape juice production right now, but just about every country has a few great e-liquid brands of its own. You can even find a few up-and-coming e-liquid makers right here in New Zealand.

Using a vaping device with a refillable tank or pod means exposing yourself to the hundreds of different bottled e-liquid flavours in the world rather than the small handful of flavours available for a pre-filled pod system. Bottled e-liquid is also significantly less expensive than pre-filled pods.

Here at Premium Vape, we’ve worked hard to source a varied and eclectic selection of freebase nicotine and nicotine salt e-liquids from around the world. You’ll find vape juices from every prominent nation in the vaping industry — including New Zealand — right here on this page.

Having trouble finding what you want? We’d love your feedback. Drop us a line and let us know what e-liquid you’d like to see here at Premium Vape. We’ll happily add it to the store if we can.