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6MG Nicotine Freebase e-liquid

Category: 6MG Nicotine Freebase e-liquid

The nicotine strength of 6 mg is the highest strength that we offer for freebase nicotine e-liquid here at Premium Vape, and it works best with medium-power vaping equipment such as sub-ohm vape pens that have refillable tanks but do not have extremely powerful coils.

If you aren’t sure which nicotine strength is right for you, here’s a general rule of thumb that may help: Check the resistance of your tank’s atomizer coil. If your coil has a resistance of 0.5 ohm or higher, the 6 mg nicotine strength might be right for you. If your coil has a resistance of under 0.5 ohm — as many of today’s vape tanks do — you should start with the 3 mg nicotine strength and increase the nicotine strength to 6 mg if you don’t feel satisfied.

If you have a higher-power vaping setup and try the 6 mg e-liquid nicotine strength featured on this page, you may find that the nicotine concentration of the vape juice is too high for your needs. A nicotine strength that’s too low leads to higher e-liquid consumption and an overall lack of satisfaction. If your nicotine strength is too high, on the other hand, you may find the vapour harsh and difficult to inhale.