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Category: 48MG Nicotine Salt-Nic e-liquid

Among nicotine salt e-liquids, the nicotine strength of 48 mg is one of the highest strengths available on the market. This nicotine strength provides a throat hit and nicotine rush very comparable to what you’d experience when smoking a cigarette, so it’s a good nicotine strength to choose if you have either just switched to vaping or are just about to make the switch. This is also a good nicotine strength to choose if you are switching from a pre-filled pod system such as the JUUL® to a refillable pod system.

The thing that gives nicotine salt e-liquid its magic is the addition of a mild acid such as benzoic acid. Most e-liquid uses freebase nicotine, and the addition of an acid converts the molecular structure of the nicotine to that of a salt. The more important result, though, is that the acid makes the e-liquid less alkaline. The reduced alkalinity makes the e-liquid more pleasant to inhale, so you can use an e-liquid that packs a cigarette-like nicotine punch without coughing and experiencing throat irritation. In the case of freebase nicotine e-liquid, a nicotine strength like 48 mg would be almost impossible to use because the throat irritation would be unbearable. With nicotine salt e-liquid, though, the higher nicotine strength is completely smooth and pleasant.