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55MG Nicotine Salt-Nic e-liquid

Category: 55MG Nicotine Salt-Nic e-liquid

For bottled e-liquid, the nicotine strength of 55 mg is the highest strength that we offer here at Premium Vape. While many people enjoy the more common nicotine strength of 50 mg, some heavier smokers with higher nicotine needs try that strength and find that they aren’t fully satisfied. If that’s the case for you, try one of the nicotine salt vape juices on this page for a slightly stronger nicotine hit. We find that, in terms of the nicotine sensation and assertive throat hit, an e-liquid nicotine strength of 55 mg provides an experience comparable to the experience of smoking a full-flavoured cigarette. If you’re looking for the best nicotine hit for your money — and you want the most satisfying experience that you can possibly have with a refillable pod system — the e-liquids on this page are exactly what you want.

Here at Premium Vape, we’ve combed the world to find the best e-liquid suppliers and the most interesting flavours on the market. We’ve built an eclectic collection of different vape juices, and we’re always happy to add a great new brand to our collection. If you’d like to buy a certain e-liquid and can’t find it on our store, drop us a line with your recommendation. We’re listening!