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The easiest and most rewarding way to begin your vaping journey is with a new pod vaping system purchased right here at Premium Vape. A pod vaping system uses pre-filled drop-in pods that make vaping easy and fun. To vape, all that you need to do is charge the battery, push in a pod and enjoy.

Pod systems use an extremely smooth and satisfying form of nicotine called nicotine salt. Nicotine salt e-liquid makes it possible for pod systems to deliver nicotine to the body almost as efficiently as tobacco cigarettes, and that makes switching from smoking to vaping incredibly easy because you won’t have to deal with a severe drop in your nicotine levels during the transition.

Using a pod system is so simple. When the device’s vapour production drops, it’s time to charge the battery. You’ll usually need to charge your battery at least once per day. When the quality of the flavour begins to decrease, it’s time for a new pod. A vape pod always has a clear window, so you’ll also be able to see easily when you’re out of e-liquid. When the pod is empty, discard it and begin using a new one. Your switch to vaping couldn’t possibly be easier.