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Refillable Empty Pods

Category: Refillable Empty Pods

You’ve been vaping long enough to know what the prices around the industry are like. You know that buying pre-filled pods isn’t the most affordable way to vape — and you also know that refilling a pod designed to be disposable is a recipe for leaking, spitting and other problems. The solution is to buy a pod designed for refilling and repeated use.

On this page, you’ll find our selection of refillable vape pods. These pods are compatible with the JUUL® vaping system. Just fill a pod with your favourite e-liquid, drop the pod into your device and vape as you always do. You’ll enjoy the incredible savings that come with buying your e-liquid by the bottle, and you’ll also save money by buying replacement pods less often. Each refillable pod is designed for several uses. When the flavour quality begins to change, it’s time for a new pod.

No pod vaping system has more than a small handful of pre-filled pod flavours available. When you buy bottled e-liquids, however, you can choose from hundreds of different flavours. Start saving money with bottled e-liquid — and experience every adventure the vaping industry has to offer — with these refillable pods.