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Category: Pods

With each pod delivering nicotine roughly comparable to that of a pack of cigarettes, owning a pod system is the easiest and best way to enjoy complete vaping satisfaction with no inconvenience and no effort. With a pod system, all that you need to do is charge your battery, drop in a pod and vape. It’s just as easy as smoking a cigarette, and that’s what you need when you’re making the sometimes challenging transition from smoking to vaping.

If you’re a current or former pack-a-day smoker, though, the one thing you’re going to need when you switch to vaping is a constant supply of refill pods to the tune of about one refill pod per day. When it’s time to get some new pods, you can always find the best New Zealand vape pods right here at Premium Vape. We proudly carry refill pods for the JUUL®, myblu®, Myle® and Bo® pod systems among others, and we also carry third-party pods that work with your existing device. You can try a new flavour without buying new hardware! If you can’t find refill pods for your favourite pod system on this page, drop us a line. We’re always happy to receive your suggestions.