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Myblu® Pods

Category: Myblu® Pods

If you’re a Myblu® pod system user, you know that your device needs a constant supply of refill pods. Now, you can finally get your Myblu® pods direct from New Zealand right here at Premium Vape. We carry the original series of Myblu® pods here along with the new Intense range that provides an even stronger nicotine hit.

What’s the best part of being a Myblu® device owner? We think that one of the best features of this system is the massive 1.5 ml e-liquid capacity of the pods. That’s enough e-liquid to keep you vaping all day — and maybe even more than one day — without changing your pod, and it’s about twice the volume of e-liquid that some other brands put in their pods.

The one feature of the Myblu® system that might be even more exciting than the capacity of its pods is the incredible selection of delicious flavours. Blu is one of the oldest companies in the vaping industry, and they’ve gone through many iterations in their quest to develop the most perfect range of flavours on the market. Whether you’re a lover of tobacco flavours, mint/menthol flavours or fruity vape juices, we think you’re going to love what’s available for the Myblu® system because every Blu e-liquid is the product of many years of research and development.

Our Myblu® liquidpods are always guaranteed authentic, and they always ship fast out of our New Zealand warehouse.