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Eonsmoke Compatible Pods: Lush Ice


$35.00 $19.99 (NZD) inc GST

Availability: In stock

Are you ready to expand your horizons? Eonsmoke pods are here to lift you out of your vaping doldrums. These pods are entirely compatible with any version of the JUUL® e-cigarette – just push a pod in and vape as you always do. Eonsmoke’s flavours represent a completely original take on what the vaping experience can taste like. You’ll also love the fact that Eonsmoke pods hold a bit more e-liquid than genuine pods while costing significantly less.

These Eonsmoke Lush Ice pods feature a delicious combination of watermelon and menthol flavours. The watermelon note is exquisitely sweet and juicy, and you’ll love the way that the menthol cools your mouth and cleanses your palate on the exhale.

  • Pod size: 1 ml
  • Nicotine strength: 6%
  • VG/PG ratio: 60/40
  • Flavour notes: watermelon, menthol
Please remember that unlike genuine JUUL® pods most compatibles including this one do not have a temperature controlled coil so must be used more gently  to avoid burning out pod/coils. Avoid hard hits, puff gently for no more than 3 seconds then wait 30-60 seconds before next puff.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Good taste

Great Flavour but consistent leakage

Recently ordered these Lush Ice pods
The flavour was really good, the raspberry in it is very prominent almost overpowering the other notes.
Its a really smooth pod, and the cool menthol-y hit is on the way in and also on the way out. Quite a pleasant vape.

I do have one qualm however.
Two of the pods leaked very easily without any excessive drags/pulls or back-to-back use. This very much ruins the experience, when you have the liquid leak on to your lips and inside your mouth. If the pods didn't leak so much they would easily be my favourite.
No amount of tapping or levelling the pod (to remove air bubbles) can prevent this unfortunately.

That being said, I am looking forward to trying some other flavours from Eonsmoke.


Good product


Love the lush ice flavour, I find it does tend to leak sometimes tho..

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Great Pods and Great Price *****