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JUUL® Mint 5% 4 Pod Pack – Russian


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While Mango is the JUUL® pod flavour that gets the most publicity, Mint is the flavour that’s been the company’s bread and butter ever since their initial launch. While there’s no way for a tobacco e-liquid to taste like an actual cigarette – since e-liquid doesn’t contain tobacco and doesn’t burn – JUUL®’s mint e-liquid definitely tastes like mint. It’s the perfect e-liquid for menthol cigarette smokers because it delivers the coolness that menthol lovers crave without any of the harshness of cigarette smoke. JUUL®’s mint vape pods are seriously smooth … this is our most popular JUUL® flavour!



  • Mint flavour
  • Pack of 4 pods
  • Each JUUL® pod provides around 200 puffs
  • Each JUUL® pod contains 0.7ml of e-liquid
  • 5% nicotine (59mg nicotine) – approximately equivalent to 1x pack of cigarettes

Genuine JUUL® pods made in the USA and sourced from Russia.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Mints Pods

I used to be a heavy (non menthol) smoker and decided to swap to vaping - I was a bit worried it would be hard but the transition across to these was so easy, I don’t miss smoking at all and I’m so glad I made the change


JUUL® Mint 5% Pod Russian Packaging

Juul russian mint

Very good alot better than what i normally get

Juul pod

Evaporates heaps in the heat but otherwise good!

Lasts so long !

This is my new favourite and they last so much longer than other flavours. Also complimented on minty breath all day long! Will be purchasing more.

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